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Brick & Stone Paver Patios, Walkways Driveways Installation | Marlborough, CT

A&A Masonry, Co. offers brick & stone paver patio, walkway, and driveway installation services involve the design, construction, and installation of outdoor hardscape features using brick, stone, or concrete pavers. We specialize in creating durable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living spaces.

  1. Consultation and Design: The installation process begins with a consultation to discuss their vision, preferences, and budget for the project. We assess the site and helps the homeowner determine the best layout, materials, and design options for the patio, walkway, or driveway.
  2. Material Selection: The homeowner selects the type of pavers they want to use for the project, which may include brick, natural stone, concrete, or interlocking pavers. We can provide samples and guidance on choosing pavers that complement the architecture and landscaping of the property.
  3. Site Preparation: Before installation can begin, we prepare the site by excavating and grading the area to create a level and stable foundation for the pavers. This may involve removing existing vegetation, soil, or old pavement, as well as addressing drainage issues and installing a base layer of gravel or sand.
  4. Installation of Edging: We install edging materials, such as metal, plastic, or concrete, along the perimeter of the patio, walkway, or driveway to contain the pavers and create clean, defined edges. Edging helps prevent the pavers from shifting or spreading over time and enhances the overall appearance of the hardscape feature.
  5. Laying of Pavers: We begin laying the pavers according to the approved design plan, starting from one corner and working methodically across the area. Pavers are placed tightly together in the desired pattern, such as herringbone, basket weave, or running bond, to create a uniform and visually appealing surface.
  6. Cutting and Shaping: As needed, we cut and shapes pavers to fit around curves, corners, or obstacles, ensuring a seamless and professional-looking installation. Specialized equipment, such as a wet saw or paver splitter, may be used to achieve precise cuts and finishes.
  7. Compaction and Bedding: Once all the pavers are laid, the contractor compacts the surface using a plate compactor or tamper to ensure proper bedding and stability. This helps settle the pavers into place and prevents shifting or settling over time.
  8. Jointing and Sealing: We fill the joints between the pavers with polymeric sand or traditional sand to provide stability and prevent weed growth. Additionally, the surface may be sealed with a paver sealer to enhance color, protect against stains, and extend the lifespan of the installation.
  9. Cleanup and Final Inspection: After the installation is complete, we clean up the work area, removes any debris or excess materials, and conducts a final inspection to ensure that the project meets quality standards and the homeowner’s satisfaction.

Serving Marlborough, CT, A&A Masonry Co offers brick & stone paver patio, walkway, and driveway installation services that transform outdoor spaces into functional and inviting areas for relaxation, entertainment, and curb appeal. By choosing durable materials, professional installation techniques, and attention to detail, homeowners can enjoy beautiful and long-lasting hardscape features that enhance the value and enjoyment of their property.

We have included photos from some of our recent stone paver patio, walkway and driveway projects. You can click any of the thumbnails to launch the slideshow. You can contact us today at (860) 462-6489 to schedule a quick no-cost quote!

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